What to Do?


What to do while staying at Dominio Bagnoli?

The answer is easy. You can do and see a lot of things..

Let’s start with:

Visit Dominio Bagnoli

Find out Dominio Bagnoli

Guided Tour to our Dominio, its structure, its history.. tasting biological products of the farm company and Friularo wine visiting the cellars, the gardens, the vines, the brolo and the granaries. You can’t miss spending some time in the swimming pool.

You can also organize a horse ride nearby, Dominio’s management will be glad to satisfy every request.

Your itinerary will last more than a day..


Find out the Aviosuperficie of Dominio

For flight lovers, Dominio Bagnoli offers the chance to land directly on its own property. It has an airfield in S. Ambrogio, with a grass run-way 1200 x 30 meters, for ultralight aeroplanes and AG up to 5700 kg.

Coordinates center of the run way: N 45°11’04” and 11°51’27”. 

You need to have the landing permission to land in our property,. You can required it to the Dominio Bagnoli’s office.


Activities in the neighbourhood

Choosing Dominio Bagnoli is a total pleasure. The agritourism is located in a strategic place which allows to achieve some of the most interesting cities of Italy.



Magic, precious, unique, funny and romantic: that’s Venice. This city is unlike any other one, with its churches, palaces, old bridges, monuments and squares which show the artistic and cultural vivacity, symbol of the history with a fantastic charm.You must visit this place must at least in life.

You can achieve the city by car or by train in 50 minutes from Bagnoli, or also with a boat  from Chioggia, through the less touristic laguna.

An advice: download the App “Artin” before visiting Venice. It will inform you about the artistic beauties in an interesting, complete and funny way.

Padova and its squares

Padova and its squares

It’s a city full of artistic and cultural traditions,rich in historic monuments. It’s also known as “Città del Santo” because of the important figure of Sant’Antonio and his Basilic.

You can not skip the Cappella degli Scrovegni painted by Giotto, the oldest botanical garden, prato della Valle, Palazzo Bo and the anatomical too, where Galileo Galilei gave his lessons and the suggestive squares of the old town, where people use to meet to enjoy a drink.

Padova is only 30 minutes far by car and it’s one of the must-stop city while visiting Veneto’s beauties.

Arquà Petrarca and Colli Euganei

Arquà Petrarca and Colli Euganei

Arquà Petrarca is a little medieval village, and it’s one of the nicest in Italy. It rises at the bottom of the Colli Euganei, a genuine naturalistic area in the middle of the Venetian lowland.

Colli Euganei offer ideal views and areas for nature lovers.

Woods, vines and olive groves are an incredible monumental patrimony which includes also villas, castles, historical villages and abbeys.

Terme Euganee and Golf

Terme Euganee and Golf

Abano Terme is the biggest thermal spa in Europe. It is surrounded by huge green areas: the perfect places to spend your days ,restoring the balance and the wellness.

In the middle of Colli Euganei you can also enjoy the 4 famous golf courses: 

The Golf Club “la Montecchia””, with an unique 27-holes golf path. Its technical content was designed by Tom Macauley, the famous english architect.

The golf Club “terme di Galzignano”with a 9-holes path, among little lakes and water games.

The Golf Club Padova with a 27-holes path, which will make you feel like playing in a botanical garden.

The Golf Club Frassanelle with a 18-holes golf path, also surrounded by nature in the regional Park of Colli Euganei.

Abano and the golf parks are only 30 minutes far from Bagnoli.

Chioggia and the beaches

Chioggia and the beaches

Chioggia can be achieved  by car in less than 30 minutes from Bagnoli. It’s also named “The little Venice”, and it’s a seaside-town full of life with the typical fish market and the old palaces in Venetian style, peering out to canals.

For those who want to spend a fantastic day at the beach, Sottomarina is the right place. It’s a sea area with a lovely and a welcoming shoreline. It’s the ideal place to wander and relax and to have fun with your children.

The walled cities

The walled cities

Monselice, Este and Montagnana are close walled cities full of history and traditions.

These cities are famous for the castles and they are the right destination to live in a medieval atmosphere which can still be felt.

Rovigo and Delta del Po

Rovigo and Delta del Po

Rovigo is an old city and has a rich patrimony with its theaters, monuments, public constructions and villas. It’s located between Adige and Po. 

Here you can visit important artistic and cultural shows, especially in Palazzo Roverella, in the city center.

In Delta del Po, nature, views and adventures are the main characters. You can practice  birdwatching and ride your bike on the Sacca degli Scardovari and Via delle Valli where, since ancient times, fish and shellfish are raised.



It’s an artistic Emilian city. The most interesting things are Castello degli Estensi and Palazzo dei Diamanti, both situated in the city center.

It’s a quiet and silent town that can be visited by foot or by bike, feeling the magic and old atmosphere at any time.

Don’t miss the cycle paths! You can take a ride and enjoy the peace of the nature while admiring the artistic monuments in this area.

Click on the following websites to give a look at the guided bike-tours:






These experiences and much more are waiting for you! You will live an unforgettable holiday.

Coming back at Dominio after a travel day will be fantastic: we will make you feel like you are at home.