We are online with the new Web Site

Dominio Bagnoli looks at the future without forgetting the past

We are glad to present our new website, renovated in the structure and in the graphic. It’s dynamic and built to communicate and update the guests.

From today you can connect to ildominiodibagnoli.it and find out the new sections dedicated to the different activities we offer.

A faster internet browsing and a larger quantity of information, thanks to the new news area which will inform you about events and news.

Dominio Bagnoli is a unique property which preserved the farming tradition.

The company is still working in many farming and breeding sectors: it produces rice, grain, corn, soy, sunflowers, alfalfa, woods. It also raises more than 1300 cattle for fattening of special races “Charolais” and “Limousine”.

The company is also engaged with the production of renewable energy thanks to the modern biogas system.

By the 50 hectars of vineyard we produce precious grapes, processed in the historical cellars with a DOC Bagnoli, DOCG Bagnoli Friularo and DOC Prosecco denomination.

Thanks to the new online shop you can easily find and purchase our products and have them delivered at home.

The agritourism welcomes the guests with the suggestive Venetian countryside, the italian gardens, the huge vineyards and the incredible villa Widmann-Borletti. The tourist has the chance to visit our Venetian beauties staying at a charming and historical location . But that’s not all! We also prepared a specific part on our website to help you finding any further information for your holiday.

At Dominio we often organize events and weddings using the villa’s spaces, cellars, granaries with terrace, restaurant’s area, the rooms, the gardens and the external park to enjoy private and public events, and companies meetings too.

Visit our blog to be informed about any news and curiosity!

Dominio Bagnoli